Kernel Panic Screen Saver 3


Kernel Panic Screen Saver


This little screensaver trick might be pretty old but it is fun to use. If you have ever decided to play around with your Mac, you may encounter Kernel Panics. I have only encountered one Kernel Panic when I first got my Mac, I still don’t no how I did it. I haven’t had one since. But Kernel Panics are the be all and end all for a Mac. They are similar to the blue screen of death. It is game over, restart time when you experience them. Thankfully they don’t appear very often. As a result it is a great practical joke to have a Kernel Panic screen saver to play on unexpecting friends or work colleagues.

If you head over to Doomlaser, you can download the screen saver at the bottom of the post. Once as you install the saver by double clicking on it and following the prompts you can experience something similar to this.

Although it isn’t 100% life like it will fool the average passer by. Probably funny to use on a friends computer while they are working on an important document, and tape their reactions.

A fun little trick, although it stops working once as a person moves their mouse. You can have a blue screen of death version if you really want to freak out your friends and passers by.

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