Location Of Your Words File 6


Location Of Your Words File


I have been snooping around my operating system. More specifically in the hidden sections on the root my my hard drive. After messing around for quite a while I came across a cool folder that contained all of the words used when you spell check a document. On the face of it, theses files are really rather boring. But if you are a Mac geek you may find it interesting.

If you open Finder and go to Go > Go To Folder and type in /usr/share/dict a folder will pop up. In this folder there is about 6 files. Each with a different reason but full of words for you to use. There is the connectives files for connective words such as the, at, and etc. There is a propernames file, full of peoples names, great if you want to pick a baby name. Finally there is web2 and web2a, these are the core of the words used. They total 234,936, although they are not every single word that is in the English dictionary, it is far more than most people use on a daily basis.

I am not sure why you would want to fiddle with this document, deleting words could cause problems. Deleting the whole file could cause problems. But if you want a list of words to use in scrabble, you might want to look here.

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