Mac Life – 30 Apps You Have Never Heard Of 6


Mac Life – 30 Apps You Have Never Heard Of


While searching the web I have come across a cool little site by Mac Life, of 30 application you have not heard off. It was a good list so I have decided to share it with you. Some of the applications on the list are very interesting which I have never heard of but will be checking out in the coming weeks.

The list if you don’t want to visit the site is:

  1. Anxiety
  2. FileChute
  3. Yojimbo*
  4. Scrivener* – I have written my review of this application here.
  5. Celtx
  6. Desktop Curtain*
  7. Inquisitor* – You can see me little review of it here.
  8. Witch
  9. A Better Finder Rename
  10. Text Expander
  11. ThisService
  12. Yep*
  13. Acorn
  14. Connect360
  15. Audacity*
  16. VLC* (who hasn’t heard of VLC?)
  17. HandBrake*
  18. Doug’s Scripts* – I don’t really think this is an application, more of a website.
  19. Cyberduck*
  20. Newsfire* – I have written about this in my RSS post.
  21. Adium* – The best IM client ever.
  22. Chax
  23. Twitterific* – I currently use this to send my Tweets to Twitter.
  24. Call Recorder For Skype
  25. Mail Tags
  26. Mail Attachements Iconizer
  27. SuperDuper*
  28. TextMate* – This site was practically built on TextEdit, that an CSSEdit.
  29. Coda*
  30. Geektool* – Mentioned in the Menu Bar post I did recently. Although this tool never works for me.

I have heard quite a lot of these, noted by the star (*). For a new user to the Mac a lot of these applications would be useful. I’m not hundred percent sure 25 and 26 are that useful. I could think of a couple of other applications that could take its place. Also I think 18, isn’t really an application more of a website. I have listed a couple of these on my Top 100 Essential Mac Applications. Anyway a fun little list. Who doesn’t like lists.

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6 Responses to “Mac Life – 30 Apps You Have Never Heard Of”

  1. 1

    Some of these should be filed under “Apps you NEED to have, PERIOD”.

    VLC: c’mon, greatest media player EVAR!
    Audacity: Anyone who’s worked with any audio has used this, I personally use it all the time.
    Handbrake: The best DVD ripping tool out there IMHO.
    Adium: nothing needs to be said here.
    Coda: I can understand this, but if you code or do webdesign this is mandatory.

    But I’ll have to check out some of the others. I know most of them but maybe I’ll find something fun-er…

    Comment By John Mahlman IV on July 17th, at 3:09 pm

  2. 2

    All of these you do need by default. I might do a post about that.

    Comment By admin on July 17th, at 3:14 pm

  3. 3

    Also, check out PathFinder, another finer replacement…I love it!

    Comment By John Mahlman IV on July 17th, at 3:29 pm

  4. 4

    What don’t you like about Finder? I think its great. I’ll check out PathFinder.

    Comment By admin on July 17th, at 3:43 pm

  5. 5

    To be honest, I really like finder, but sometimes I like a little more functionality and something a little different looking. I like the tabbed finder windows, and it can be very good for keeping clutter off of the screen:)

    Comment By John Mahlman IV on July 17th, at 6:57 pm

  6. 6

    Hi, Nice list of apps – a few I’ll definately be checking out.
    The link for Chax is wrong, though. It’s pointing to Adium.

    Comment By dave on July 28th, at 7:20 pm