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MainMenu – Tasks From The MenuBar


I have an ever growing fascination of getting my Mac to perform better, faster and being more efficient. One of best tasks to to perform tasks to clear caches, repair disk permissions as well as other tasks such as removing log files, and clearing temporary files. Most of these tasks involve hundreds of different methods and programs and is frankly a bit complicated. Thankfully a cool little menu bar program has been developed which groups all of these tasks into one area, as well as giving you a handy shortcut to do them all at the same time. This program, if you haven’t guessed by the title, is called MainMenu, a little app that is designed to run in the menu bar of your Mac.

Once as you duzi (download, unzip and install, it needed a name) the application and run it it will present it self in the menu bar, the drop down list contains the list of tasks that can help speed up your Mac.

MainMenu menu bar screenshot

The list is split up into 6 sections. Maintenance scripts are scripts that are designed for you to run daily, weekly and monthly. They do various tasks such as cleaning log files, and other menial tasks. Disk Utility is pretty obvious in its task. It repairs disk permissions. Makes sure the correct access settings are given for the right system file.

Rebuild is the section that you should, personally, use sparingly. For example there is options to rebuild you Spotlight index, which if you are not careful takes ages to complete. Cleaning is another useful section which does the majority of your tasks including, caches and histories. You can save a lot of disk space if you have massive cache files like I did.

The final sections, Finder and Other Tasks are used for the very small tasks. This includes removing .DS_Store files, DNS flushes as well as showing hidden files in Finder, disabling the Dashabord to name a few. One problem I did find is that enabling hidden files in Finder does seem to use a lot of CPU power on my computer.

This is a very cool little menu bar application and I recommend you use it if you want to have a Mac that runs smoothly and in tip top condition. It does have a lot of uses as well as features, you could spend hours getting the most out of your Mac.

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