Make Quick Multi File Files w/ Terminal 2


Make Quick Multi File Files w/ Terminal


I’ve been playing around with multi file files today. Basically a file that is split up into smaller files for easy upload/download and transfer to other people. Today I am going to show you a quick and easy Terminal trick that can split any files into multiple parts. It is quick and nifty. As well as this since it is a Terminal command you don’t need the recipient to have any special software just a Mac.

This first stage is to open up Terminal and pick a suitable sized file. Anything smaller than about 10Mb is pointless. In Terminal navigate to the folder it is located in using the command:
cd [path to file]

This is because a lot of repetitive writing could be involved and it saves some time and effort. Once you have done this type the following.

split -b 10m [file] [output file name]

The first section “split” is the name of the command. “-b” indicates the file size of the output files, 10m is the size in megabytes. You could probably use g for gigabytes and b for bytes, but megabytes is the normal. “[file]” is the name of the file including the extension and the output name is the files name of the split file. You can put a path to a file in any of the two file locations in the syntax.

After a bit of time and it has processed the file you should end up with some many files with the file name of your choice and ending in something like the following.

test.docaa test.docab

Those are your split files. You can then share and distribute them at will, great for emails.

At this point you will probably want to stick them back together. Split files are hard to use. It involves a simple Terminal command. Once as you have navigated to the folder of you choice type the following:
cat test.docaa test.docab > [output name].doc

You add all of your files that you want to join, I have only shown two. The output name can be anything you want to to be. I recommend you naming it something useful and give it the same extension as your source files. If you have over a hundred files to join, lucky you.

Its a simple and easy to use trick. Although there is a bit of writing involved. If you want something simpler and free try Split & Concat. Although you have to download and use a bit of software it is simple to use and can do what I have just mentioned a whole lot quicker.

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