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I like good software for the Mac. I also like cheap software. What is better than good software being heavily discounted? This site, called Mac Mix Promo, is designed around giving you good software at a cheap price. As limited offer, similar to MacPromo and MacHeist. For every piece of software you buy you earn so much off. It similar to the promos we have all heard off, but is designed to give you more control and more of a discount.

The principle behind Mac Mix Promo, is slightly different to offers we have seen. All applications have been unlocked, but you get to choose which applications you want. Currently there is 28 applications to choose from. In other offers you would have to buy all 28 offers to receive the discount. In this promotion you can only buy one and receive a discount.

Mac Your Own Mac Mix promo.
The discount increases the more you buy. If you buy one app you get 10% off. Three apps 30% off, 5 apps 40% off, 7 apps 50% off, 9 apps 60% and finally 12 apps or more for 75% off. For example, out of the applications listed if you want only one, you could buy only one and receive a discount. If you want to buy every single application it would cost your $1000 dollars nearly, but you get is for just $234. Bargain.

Navigating the site is a bit tricky. I does look amazing. If you want to add some products to the checkout you simply click on the numbers for the different sections and then click on icons for the different applications. I think the designers went a bit mad on the javascript and div’s are flying everywhere. There is a light version in the top left if you click on the link.

The whole list includes: Paraelles, iBank, iBiz, Process, Yep, MacGourmet, Linkinus, Leech, Xyle Scope, KavaTunes, Flux, Forklift, Picturesque, DrawIt, Photon, YourView, HoudahGeo, AlterEgo, Witch, HoudahSpot, Steel, Shovebox, TextExpander, AppShelf, Wacky Mini Golf, Islands Mini Golf, Comic Book Lover and iConquer.

Check them out. See if there is anything you like. There are some very good options, but not every program is up my street and it may become a bit expensive if you purchase every application. It is a good idea, but the applications they have lets it down a bit. We need a good site with some good options and applications.

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