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Manage Mac OS X Keychain


I don’t usually link to many sites from this blog. I don’t no why. But this post by Gated Logic really caught my eye, so I decided to share it with you. You should know by now that keychain, located in Utilities > Keychain Access is used to store the passwords and other security features used by your applications. For example Safari stores password in there (I wish Firefox did) as well as other third party applications.

The post by Gated Logic shows you some cool tips on how to move your keychain access to external drives as well as general tips. I learnt something new about keychain. Admittedly I don’t use keychain very much.

One general tip that I would like to give is to use the password assistant. When you go to create a new keychain (File > New Keychain) click on the small key in the bottom right of the window. From this select random from the drop down menu. The small password assistant can then be used to make a secure password. Keychain password creation viewer

Pick the longest password you can remember. The 31 random character passwords are perfect for root logins on servers or something so secure you never want it to be cracked at the moment. A password with 31 characters in length would take years to crack even with rainbow tables. If you are concerned about passwords I recommend 1Password for all of your password needs.

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