Monitor Your Bandwidth w/ Surplus Meter 6


Monitor Your Bandwidth w/ Surplus Meter


If you are on a limited broadband connection or want to simply know where all of the bits and bytes go you may want to monitor your Internet connection. The app that I am going to do a mini review of today is called Surplus Meter and is designed to record how much bandwidth you are using.

Once as you have downloaded the app and installed it into the Applications it is very simple to use. The top section details the start of the month (if you don’t start it on the first), it also details the amount you want to limit. There is also a drop down box which you have to change if you are on ethernet or Airport.

The second half of the program details the amount you have used and the amount remaining, in both up and down. There is a lot of statistical information about the amount you have used per day, the amount remaining per day and general usage.Surplus Meter Bandwith Monitor Screen Shot

It is a very good free tool. It does enable you to monitor traffic easily, but it can’t differentiate between more than one traffic. As well as this if do have a NAS drive or more than one computer it will monitor traffic between the computers. You can pause and restart the monitor at any time. Very useful, although it is a bit limited.

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