Moving Your iTunes Library 1


Moving Your iTunes Library


As your music collection grows and you buy, download and add more songs to your library you will eventually run out of space on your hard drive. As a result you may want to move you songs to another disk to free up some space. This can be done very simply, but you just need to make sure you do the correct steps in the right order or you end up having to re-import your songs and that is always a pain.



1) The first step in transferring over your songs is to move them to their new location. Set up your new disk and copy all of your music across. By the end of it you should have two copies. One in their original location and one in the new location.

2) The next step is to move the reference. Open up iTunes go to iTunes > Preferences > Advance. In the iTunes music folder location change the folder reference.

Moving Your iTunes Library

3) This stage will vary, the results change every time I do it. Either the new files will be picked up straight away or you may need to restart iTunes. Once as you open it up again the new locations should be automatically picked up. If you encounter any problems simply reset the location in step 2 and try again.

Did you know that you can make every one work from the same iTunes library file so you can all access the same music and have it in one place. All you have to do is close iTunes and press Option as you open the application from the Dock. A message will pop up saying that iTunes will need a library to continue and simply pick the iTunes Library file in ~/Music/iTunes to continue. If you want eveyone to access this file, put it in a location that every one can read and write and do the Option open for every computer you want to use. If you have a PC it is either Shift or Alt.

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