Paintbrush – Paint For The Mac 12


Paintbrush – Paint For The Mac


If you have every used a Windows machine you will know of paint. The best drawing tool for the PC. On a Mac we are not so lucky and don’t come which such as an application. But some clever person has made a Cocoa-based paint program for Mac OS X. Its called Paintbrush. If you are a graphic designer on a Mac it is the only program you will ever need. You won’t need Photoshop after you have used this application.

You can draw, erase and colour in sections of your document really easily. It is not as feature rich as Paint but it does have potential to be really useful.

If you do like Paint check out this spoof advert advertising the program. Notice the Mac’s in the background.

A very simple app. If you are looking for something better I would definitely check out GIMP, or Pixelmator. They have more features and are easier to use for creating better images.

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