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Quite a while ago I mentioned Email BackUp Pro from MacUpdate. This deal enabled you to grab that program for a really cheap price and it was quite good. A lot of time has passed since then and not many decent apps have popped up that I thought would warrant your attention. Today a decent one did come up and I really like it, as well as this it is pretty cheap, you don’t want to be spending a lot of money. This program is called Peek-A-Boo it is similar to Activity Monitor, but has a couple of different features that make it interesting to use and slightly different from the norm.

Peek a boo an application for looking at system processes

Peek-A-Boo is designed to look at system processes and give you all of this information in a graphical manner. There are hundreds of different customizable options that enable you to view what is consuming memory and CPU on your system. As well as this it also has a neat graphical view to show you visually what is using the most resources.

It costs $9.99 which may be a bit much, but it is fun to use and slightly different from what you do see. It is very similar to iStat although this is designed to run as a program rather than from the menu bar. Check out Mac Promo and try the demo and see if it suits your needs.

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