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Periscope – Make Your Own Security Camera


I’m always concerned about security of my Mac. I spent a lot of money on it and I don’t want it to go missing. A while ago I mentioned about Gawker, the time lapse application, that would be very useful in using it for security cameras. Well I have stumble across a new application, Periscope, that takes your Mac and makes it into a CCTV application. Its very polished and really easy to use. It does a good job of doing something really simple and make it even simpler.

Once as your duzi the application it is split up into two sections. The left section is your configurables and the right hand side is the live picture from your chosen camera. Notice the gormless looking person realizing he wasn’t having his picture taken.

Setting up how pictures are taken is really simple. It is split up into three steps. You configure how you take your pictures, for example with movement, sound, timer (similar to time lapse photography) or remote. The most interesting aspect here is movement, which is useful if you want to make a security camera over you holiday but don’t want to use up lots of hard drive space as you would with taking a picture every X seconds.

Once as you set up how you want you photo to be taken you change the look and location of the image. For example you can add timestamps, images and text to your screen. As well as this you can set it up so you images are emailed, uploaded to ftp or saved to your local folder. FTP and email are very useful since you want to secure an image of the intruder before they take off with you computer full of images of your intruder.

The final section isn’t used when you are taking photos but later on when you review them. The share option lists all of your images, the time and date when they were taken.

There are lots of little different settings which you can use to get the right image captured. Once as you have set it up you let the program run. It will automatically take pictures every time a setting meets your specification. The camera movement is very useful. Although it does tend to make images ever so slightly blurry. But if you bump up the resolution in the settings in the Preferences you should get a better image. As well as this the motion capture is ever so slightly off and as a result you get a lot of cut off heads. For example take the image below of me falling off my chair.

It is a good little application but it might not be fully worth the $39.99 price tag, it is very well built and does look good. But may only be needed by proper security enthusiasts. As well as this it doesn’t have support for multiple cameras (which I am really interested in findin) and does not work to well for a police point of view, if you Mac is stolen and your images are on that computer.

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