Show All of The Windows Titles In Exposé 3


Show All of The Windows Titles In Exposé


This is a cool little Exposé trick. If you press F9 to show all of the windows and then press the option key all of the titles for every window will be displayed. This means that you can see every single applications title. But it doesn’t seem to work if you have window already highlighted.

Did you also know that you can scroll through the windows using the scroll ball on you mouse, or the two finger movement on a track pad. The scroll doesn’t work like a normal scroll. For example scrolling up and down will move the selector up to the very top, like wise scrolling down will move the selection to the bottom applications on the screen. You can then scroll left and right to move the window selection both left and right. For example if you want to select the application in the bottom right and you have currently selected the top left application when in Exposé all window mode, you scroll to the bottom and then you scroll all the way to the right.

Finally, if you want to select and application with out clicking, simply hover over the application you want to bring forward and then press F9 again.

All of these tips also work by pressing F10 for a specific application rather than every application.

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