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Sugar Sync – Sync Files The Right Way


If you like me you may have lots of computers. As well as lots of files. Keeping the correct file in the right place and correct version is a pain. You have to remember which is the updated file, where it is located which one to override. After a while keeping files in sync becomes difficult and people tend to give up. You could invest in a remote server, but then you have to manage it. You could also invest in a NAS drive to attach to your network but then you have the vulnerability of the drives crashing and you lose all of your data. The final and best option is to invest in a remote, Internet syncing option, that does all of the hard work for you.

The product which I am going to review today is Sugar Sync, I have been using it over the last couple of days to keep files backed up and the correct version. There is nothing worst than writing over a new file with an old version. This post is going to go over the basic principles, whats cool about it, how it could be improved and a final surprise which you should all like.

The idea behind Sugar Sync is simple. You download the program, both for Mac and Windows or a mobile version (no Linux yet). Set up a couple of options and let the program upload and download the files for you in the background. You also have the very cool option of being able to access these files online. Its a sync and backup tool all in one.

Sign up is free and no credit card is required. The free sign up enables you to have 10Gb of file space for 45 days. Which is plenty of space. After you have gone through all of the sign up process (which is very short) and downloaded the client you can start syncing. Syncing is blindingly fast.

Sugar Sync, backup and sync files over the web.

There are two options which you can use to sync. The Magic Briefcase and picking folders. The Magic Briefcase is the option which every computer will receive the same file. For example, say you have you pictures, you drop them into the magic briefcase (or the folder). The program will upload it their site and then distribute the files to all of the clients which you have installed. Every computer and file the same file. The magic brief case is located /Users/{Name}/Documents/Magic Briefcase.

The second option is a bit more complex but enables you to finely control which files are downloaded to which computer. I haven’t had a good look into this option but is works something similar to this. You pick the folder you want to sync on computer A, then on computer B you allow it to download the folder from computer A. You can also set it so computer C can download and sync a different folder that computer B doesn’t sync. Do you follow? It is a lot simpler than I make it sound. There are lots of different options which you can use to make it work for yourself. All you need is a bit of time to get it setup.

As well as the programs on your computer you can also use the web based browser to manage and download you files. This can be done remotely on any computer. So it is great if you are out of town and need that file.Sugar Sync web view review.

You can also access it on you phone. Better yet your iPhone. Although I don’t have an iPhone you can read more about it here.

There are a couple of problems which I have found with the app. For example it doesn’t look very Mac like. You don’t have any of the metal gradients or the features that you would normally find in a default Apple applications. But it does match up exactly with the Windows version of the program. As well as this it would be useful if it showed the amount of data you have uploaded/downloaded so you can get a better idea of how much you still have to do. Currently it employs a “Time Left” section in the status bar, which jumps round a bit and isn’t as useful as it could be.

Price wise it is very reasonable. The plans start from $2.49 a month all of the way up to $24.99 depending on the amount of storage you need. There is also the free trial which I mentioned.


If you want to win a free 30Gb Annual package for Sugar Sync, check out this competition post for more details.

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