Timed Screen Shots From Terminal 3


Timed Screen Shots From Terminal


This post sort of follows on from the previous post. If you have ever tried to take a picture of the screen saver you may find it quite hard. Every time you press the key commands your screensaver or other application may change and disappear. Although you could use grab for this, thats boring to use. This trick will use a small Terminal command that can take timed screenshots.

Open up Terminal. We will be using the screencapture command in Terminal. To take a timed screenshot type the following.

screencapture -T 10 ~/Desktop/screenshot.png

That will take a screenshot of the screen after 10 seconds and save it to the desktop named as “Screenshot.png”. You have to supply a path to save the file otherwise the command will not work.

I used that command to take a picture of the screen shot in the previous post. There is a slight problem with this command in that it cannot take a picture of you login screen with you quick user switch. I have yet to find a program that can do this.

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