What To Do With Your Old iPhone 5


What To Do With Your Old iPhone


The release date for the new iPhone is coming fast and if you are planning to buy a new 3G iPhone you may be stuck for ideas for what to do with your old 2G iPhone. If you simply can’t stand having an old out-dated lesser model in your house. Here are some ideas that you could use to rid yourself of a great piece of technology. There are hundreds of ways you could use to get rid of your iPhone, you have anymore please leave a comment using the form below.

1) Keep It For Future Use

Probably the easiest and simplest method for when you get your new iPhone is to keep your old one. As a backup old phones are great for emergenicies or times when you current phone is broken. I have a couple of really old phones lying around that are there when mine breaks.

2) Give It Way

Plenty of poor people, including myself, would love a free iPhone. Marvelled at the technological wonders that everyone boasts about some lucky family member or friend. You could also give it away at a charity shop such as Oxfam or Red Cross, they would love such a piece of technology and help them make some money for a good cause.

3) Sell It

A quick look on ebay and it seems iPhone still have some retention of their original value. You could sell it and make some money back. Although it wouldn’t make as much as a difference to someone as giving it away, you could reduce the amount it costs to get a new one.

4) Trade It In

You could probably find an old iPhone retailer shop to trade your old iPhone. The iPhone is still a product that could fetch some money so you could trade it in a phone retailer and make some extra cash. A lot quicker and easier than selling it, although you would get less money for it.

5) Bin It

Probably the worst method you could ever pick. If push does come to shove you could just bin a perfectly good working iPhone.

6) Hack It

If you are getting a new iPhone there is no reason to keep your old one with tip top software on it. Now would be your chance to hack it, add you own software, play with the OS and generally have a fun time. Old products are great to take a part as you always learn how stuff works and what makes products tick.

7) Make It Into Art

You could probably make a good piece of art with an iPhone. Give it to an art student they could fashion some modern art out of it. You could also use it as a paper weight. Take out the internals, put a block of metal inside and you have a fancy paper weight.

8) Recycle It

Thanks to Felix in the comments for reminding me of this item. You could recycle it. Take it down to an authorized electronics recycle centre or send it back to Apple. They will strip it down and recycle it for you. Help save the environment.

If you have any more ideas on what you could do with an old iPhone please leave a comment below.

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