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NoobProof – Firewall Manager 0


NoobProof – Firewall Manager

If you are serious about security you will need to have a firewall in place. A firewall protects your computer from communications that are oftenmalicious and compromise the security of your Mac. Normally you start and stop the Firewall from System Preferences > Security > Firewall. This is where you can change your Firewall settings. You can also add and remove services to thisfirewall through the sharing preference pane. The problem this is that you have no way of changing the port numbers or blocking specific ports as you would on a Windows or Mac system. Thankfully you can with a small program called NoobProof and its more advance version WaterRoof.

99 Speed Tips For A Fast Performing Mac 23


99 Speed Tips For A Fast Performing Mac

This post is going to list 99 different speed tips for speeding up your Mac. I have done a couple of these posts before, but those were more discussions. This post is designed to tell you what to do in each section. Each item is going to be quick, simple and easy to complete. Over the past couple of weeks I have been collecting these and using them.Although none of these tips will make your Mac hundreds of times faster than it already is, if you have a slow Mac or are experiencing slow downs a couple of these could help. There are lots of them here, but there is always more. If you have any tips please post them below in the comments.

Close All But The Current Finder Window 10

Apple Script

Close All But The Current Finder Window

If you Finder extensively to move around windows and files you will probably end up with a lot of Finder windows open. I like things neatly organised. The problem with this is that you can end up with a lot of screen clutter. With the help of the Internet I have come up with a quickApplescript that you can use to close every window but the one you are using. Its really simple to make and run.

MacTricksAndTips Widget Update 3


MacTricksAndTips Widget Update

If you are a regular reader on this site you will know that I have my very own widget. This enables you to get all of the latest posts onto your dashboard. Well I have been beavering away at my computer indashcode over the past couple of weeks and I have produced a new widget. I am really pleased with the result. The following post is going to explain a couple of its new features.

MacUpdate – Back To School Bundle 0


MacUpdate – Back To School Bundle

I like MacUpdate. I’ve mentioned them a couple of times over the last couple of months. If you can cast your mind back I did a post on the parallels software bundle. This was a big bundle that enables you to have big savings on a lot of software. Anyway, the team have put together another bundle. This time its a back to school bundle. Back to school is the worst words in the words for any child to hear, but for use it gives us chance to save some money and get great software at the same time.

Domain Brain – Manage Your Domains 3


Domain Brain – Manage Your Domains

I have a couple of domains, you probably have to. With the advent of cheap domain services, coupled with cheap hosting, it is really easy for anyone to host a website. As a result your domains, logins and a whole load of other passwords start to build up. As a result you get inundated with login and other information. You could store this on paper or in an spreadsheet. These are less than ideal, since they are insecure and not very pleasing to use. What you need is a simple to use program to store all of this information.

Solving CPU Intensive Apps 4


Solving CPU Intensive Apps

This is quite a big question that tends to pop up from time to time. It is about CPU intensive system (and normal) apps that you have know idea why they are going flat out on your computer. This can be trouble some, and can happen quite often for no reason. This post is going to list some of the techniques I use to get my computer back to normal. They are sort oflisted in order or completion. For example you go through the list one at a time. If you know of any more tips, please leave them in the comment.

EarthDesk – The Live Earth On Your Desktop 4


EarthDesk – The Live Earth On Your Desktop

I like innovative Mac applications. This one is know different. It is called EarthDesk and is designed to display an accurate picture of planet Earth on your desktop. It is really funky and an interesting way of keeping your desktop interesting and dynamic. I really enjoy having it on my desktop. It livens things up a bit.

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