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Apple At The Olympic Games


I’m loving the Olympics at the moment. All the sport on all the time on TV it is great. Anyway I was intrigued by an article over at Macworld. It mentioned about the Mac production room that has been set up by Apple for photographers to edit there photos using Aperture. A great marketing move. I wanted to discuss this topic a bit more. As well as gauge your thoughts on such a topic. If I was a photographer I would love some free Mac Pros to work with. This post is sort of a discussion/roundup, which I wanted to share with you. They are probably tuned to the fastest possible. Macworld quotes:

In the digital photo editing area of the Kodak Photographer’s Center—a massive workroom located in the main press center at the Olympic park—hundreds of photographers at a time assemble to file their images using high-end workstations and tech-support supplied by Apple

Aperture, if you don’t know is Apples “Pro” photo editing tool. It is designed for professional photographers to easily edit their photos in an easy to use manner. As well as this it has excellent photo organizing ability. I am not a big fan of Aperture personally. I have tried the demo, and although it does has some excellent features. The cost and the amount of photos I take isn’t worth the price. But for a pro, or even a amateur who has their finger on the shutter release button it is probably worth it. As well as this it also has a lot of extra features which you can download and improve upon.

What I haven’t noticed a lot on is the number of laptops that a photographer would bring. I personally have a MacBook Pro and I have seen many photographers use such a laptop in sporting events. Considering the size of the kit they bring I would have thought they could spare some room for a laptop. Thanks to Vincent Laforet for the image below you can read more about him here.

Even if you are only starting out this a happy snappy camera Apple is well equipped to help you. Probably one of the best apps for anyone starting out on a Mac is iPhoto. Although it is a basic application it does have some good features to get you started. If you want to move on from iPhoto you can always use Gimp or Photoshop, the elements package is very good.

One of the best reasons for taking pictures is to share them and view them back. Some great examples include MobileMe. if you go past all of the problems MobileMe had it is a great way of showing photos off to your friends and family. A quick snap with your iPhone in the Olympic stadium and your friends and family could be soon viewing the best action. I doubt the iPhone produces the best picture. A 800mm lens might make a better picture.

As you can see Macs have a great number of applications to use in view, editing and sharing your photos. One of my new favourites is Timeline, i’ve mentioned about it before. It is a good Mac application for viewing time lines of events. It can import data from iPhoto and Aperture so you can view when you have taken photos.

Finally even if you do take pictures you may want to do more with them. Since this is a tips site I would like to point your attention to Changing The Application A Camera Opens With, as well as converting Images With Terminal.

There are hundreds of ways in which you can use Apple and Macs to share, edit and enjoy your pictures. What I would like you to do is leave a comment below about your experiences of Mac’s and manipulating images. I want to hear your opinions. Its not often I hold discussions. I want to hear your opinions, good or bad. There are no prizes for keeping silent (none for speaking either). Discuss.

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