Five Quick Terminal Tips 10


Five Quick Terminal Tips


This is going to be a quick a post about Terminal. It is going to feature five quick Terminal tips that can make your life just a little bit easier. These tips are designed to be small and easier to remember. If you know of any quick one line tips please leave a comment. Terminal, if you don’t know by know, is open by going to Applications > Utilities.

1) View The Current Folder Path

If you are in a really deep folder path and you forget which folder you are in this simple command will display which folder you are in:


Great for finding which path you are in.

2) Reset The Folder Path

Similar in nature to the previous tip, if you want to reset the path you can type the following.




3) Cancel A Script / Program

If you make your scripts, or use someone else’s, you may want to cancel the command or program before it takes up to much time, resources or bandwidth. All you need to press is two buttons. All you have to do it press:

Control + C

This will stop any program or script and return you back to the command line.

4) Clear The Screen

If you have a messy output from a program or script and you want to make your screen blank again all you have to is type:


That will clear your screen and return it back to the command line.

5) View The Manual Of Any Command

Probably one of the best tip in anyone arsenal if the manual command. This gives you all of the information about the command. A great tip for finding more information about any command and expanding your knowledge.

man [command]

You can find more about this command here.

If you know of any more quick one line tips please post them below. There must be hundreds out there, I would love the here about them.

P.S Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday, I felt a bit ill and I really couldn’t write.

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