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I’m Back


Two weeks ago-ish, I mentioned that I was going on holiday. That was great fun in the heat of Greece and I wished I wouldn’t have to leave. Anyway I have come home to raining Britain. I will start posting again over the next couple of days. I’ll have a couple of new posts up today. I have quite a few different and interesting tips and tricks planned that you may not have seen before.

The website seems to have been ok. I only had 4 minutes of downtime. My first down time and I wasn’t here to see what caused it. Everything seems ok at the moment. Which is great. Hopefully you enjoyed the posts I created. All but one post was automatically posted. Which isn’t bad.

It will still take me a couple of days to answer all of the emails you have sent me as well as your comments. So if you don’t see a reply any time soon it is in the list and will eventually be answered. I would also like to say a big hello to all the new RSS subscribers to this site. I seems to have gained a large few when I was away so I hope you enjoy this site.

Anyway let the posts begin and not get sucked in watching the Olympics.

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