MacPromo – KeyCue Discount 2


MacPromo – KeyCue Discount


Quite a while ago I mentioned of Keycue. Keycue is the application that can show you every single shortcut for your current program at the press of the button. I really like this program and I use it all of the time. This post is to alert you to the fact that this program is up for sale on MacPromo. This means that you can get this app for only $15, normally priced at $30.

If you don’t know what this application does, its rather simple. When you press the command key you will get a pane visible on screen. This pane, as shown above, shows you every shortcut which you can use. You can then complete the key command. As well as this you can also click on any the the shortcuts to activate the shortcut. A great time save and very well put together.

If you want to get this app at a knocked down price simply click on this link. Please note that you only have 17 hours to complete this offer, from time of posting. After this time you wont be able to get this application at $15.

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