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MacUpdate – Back To School Bundle


I like MacUpdate. I’ve mentioned them a couple of times over the last couple of months. If you can cast your mind back I did a post on the parallels software bundle. This was a big bundle that enables you to have big savings on a lot of software. Anyway, the team have put together another bundle. This time its a back to school bundle. Back to school is the worst words in the words for any child to hear, but for use it gives us chance to save some money and get great software at the same time.

This bundle is featured in the usual format. There is 7 applications available to download straight away, 3 are locked. After a certain amount of sales the 8th is unlocked, this continues until all of the applications are available to download. People who purchase the bundle before the products are unlocked get them when they become available.

There are a couple of good programs in the pack many which I have mentioned before. Italic items are locked. The list includes:

  • Hook Up. Access, stream and download from iTunes libraries in remote networks.
  • Alarm Clock Pro. Let your computer wake you.
  • Periscope. Use your webcam to capture activity in front of your Mac.
  • DEVONAgent. Internet information scanner.
  • Mellel. Multilingual word processor.
  • Norrkross Movie. Video effects, compositing, and editing application.
  • Bookends. Reference management and bibliography software.
  • MacJournal. Create personal logs and diary entries.
  • Contactizer Pro. Manage, share meetings, projects, contacts, tasks & more.
  • Lightzone. Photo editing based on traditional darkroom techniques.

A couple of good applications, Periscope comes to mind. They do all have a school theme around them. I couple of them may be useful to myself when I start university.

At the moment the bundle costs $49.99, down from $326.85. A big bargain if you are looking for this type of software. The bundle currently needs 891 more sales to unlock MacJournal. It ends in 14 days time, so you have plenty of time to make your purchase. I have a feeling that they will probably chuck a couple of other pieces of software into the fray near the end.

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