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NoobProof – Firewall Manager


If you are serious about security you will need to have a firewall in place. A firewall protects your computer from communications that are often malicious and compromise the security of your Mac. Normally you start and stop the Firewall from System Preferences > Security > Firewall. This is where you can change your Firewall settings. You can also add and remove services to this firewall through the sharing preference pane. The problem this is that you have no way of changing the port numbers or blocking specific ports as you would on a Windows or Mac system. Thankfully you can with a small program called NoobProof and its more advance version WaterRoof.

Your Mac’s firewall runs off a program called ipfw. This is a Terminal program which you can use to add and delete rules. The problem with this is that it is quite complicated and takes a while to learn. Anyone who wants to increase their security could run into a lot of problems. I have plenty of times locked myself out of a system. NoobProof aims to solve this problem by presenting to you a simple to use GUI to add delete and run your rules.

Once as your duzi the application it really doesn’t take a lot to get going. The main part of the program shows you the rules you can add to the firewall. These rules match up to the ones in the Sharing Preference Pane. You can add delete and change any rules you want by using the plus and minus buttons at the bottom and the radio buttons on the right.

Once as you have added and changed you rules you can add them to your firewall. You simply press the Activate NoobProof button in the top right and the rules will be added to your firewall. You can view any active firewall rules by pressing the active rules button in the top left.

The firewall on your Mac is really detailed and as a result not every feature is supported in NoobProof that the firewall can support. As a result the maker of this program has release a more advance version called WaterRoof. It is designed to accommodate more advance rules and special features that your Mac can support. You do need to know what you are doing since this program is more complicated.

Both programs are good for enabling you to have more control with your firewall and get more out of it. You can never have enough security. If you know of any more firewall programs please leave a comment below.

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