Tetris On Your Mac – Quinn 4


Tetris On Your Mac – Quinn


I like Tetris. I such a fun little game to play and good fun to while away the minutes and every so often hours if you have nothing to do. This latest incarnation is called Quinn. It does a very good job of the Tetris game play and introduces a couple of different and fun features for you to use and enjoy. Best of all this application is free.

Once as you duzi the application, and install it you are greeted with the well designed interface shown below. The whole idea of this Quinn is to play Tetris, but it has an added twist of enabling you to play it over a network against friends. In a similar fashion to blockles. It is well designed, looks very Mac like and has lots of configurable options.

I really enjoy playing this game. It has a lot of little features that make it fun to play. Like most Tetris games it can get a bit addictive. But if you can get over that, there is a lot of depth to this program, which enables you to play for ages. For example there are lots of different rules which you can employ to challenge your Tetris skills. There is even more for multi-player. If you have any more time wasting apps such as this please leave a comment. I have a post idea coming up.

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