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Timeline – Create Fantastic Time Lines


Timeline is an application which shows off how powerful a Mac and the application on it can be. The idea behind this application is to create time lines of events quickly and easily. There are a couple preset options which enable you to make really good looking time lines in a matter of seconds. Literally seconds.

The idea behind Timeline is to create time lines of your events, whenever it is work related, holiday, school or a general list of what has happened. It is designed to take a way of adjusting where every element goes and focuses on style on inserting your data. You can quickly add, delete and adjust events. For example you press insert, add in a title, date, images and possible notes and you are done. There are extra options for bulk editing, generally making it easy to add you data.

As well as this the styling options are really easy. There are preset options for general designs and you can quickly tweak to your hearts content. It is a program designed to make things simple as possible. It does this really well.

There are also options which from preset templates. For example you can pick from, address book to show when you add contacts. iCal, shows time line events added from iCal. iPhoto and Aperture to show in your time line when you have taken pictures. This is very useful for holiday snaps. I wouldn’t recommend using it when you take hundreds of photos on one day. I used it from when I took 4,000 photos in a day, there was a mass of lines on one point. You can adjust on import different settings. As well as this you also have presets for importing iTunes, you can see when you have imported your music. This doesn’t work mind if you don’t have your iTunes library file in the default place. Penultimately you can also create a system events timeline, to show when installed updates. Finally you can import into Timeline an RSS feed. This is what is shown in the image above. It is really good, its quite a visual way of showing when you have posted to your blog or website.

There are two options of this program, 3D and 2D. The 3D option enables you to make 3D views of your timelines, good for powerpoint presentations. There a lots of little options for you to tweak and adjust. Do does produce good time lines which you can use on websites, documents or Keynote slides. It looks look very good.

There are a couple of niggles with this program. There is no zoom out option. It would be useful in some options to zoom right out and view the whole time line at once. Other than that it is a quality all round program.

This does cost $40 or $65 for the 3D version, and it is probably worth it if you do a lot of time lines. Its not a gantt chart program software more of a show off software to please managers and make your presentations look a lot better.

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