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Using Twitterific To Tweet To Twitter


If it wasn’t for the word “using” that title would almost be an alliteration. This post if you hadn’t guessed by the title is going to review the application Twitterific. Twitterific is an application design to send your tweets to Twitter. I love using Twitter, you can find my profile here. What is better than using a great app with a great service.

If you head over to Twitterfic and duzi the application you will be presented with an interface similar to the one below. You do have to have a Twitter account for this to work. All of your tweets are presented as small blocks which will move down the application as new tweets arrive.

This application has two versions. The free version and the paid version. The free version you get an advert appearing in your screen every couple of hours. Its not that overbearing and you can live with it. The paid version at $14.95 removes this advert for you.

Sending messages if rather simple. In the very bottom part of the application you can type your message. It will then send it to the Twitter server and will shortly display in your app as well as other peoples feeds. Tweets do come in colour coded. Black tweets are normal tweets from peoples time line. Blue tweets are direct messages and orange tweets are replies. This is great for quickly scanning the list to see what is what. There is also another tweet colour, yellow, and this is for error messages. For some reason this app does produce a lot of Twitter errors. This may be down to the application or Twitter causing problems.

The program does work very well. There is a couple of niggles such as the yellow error message coming up more than it should. As well as this replies and direct messages don’t seem to get deleted no matter how many newer tweets arrive.

There are a couple of key shortcuts that I recommend you memorise. Simply because after a couple of hours of the application being unchecked and you following a lot of people you can end up with hundreds of unread tweets and it can take a while to go through them all.The application shortcut list from Twitterific is as follows.

  • ⌘Q – Quit Twitterrific
  • ⌘W – Close the Twitterrific window
  • ⌘R – Refresh list of tweets
  • ⌘. – Cancel refresh and reset connections
  • ⌘K – Mark all tweets as read
  • ⌘2 – Reply to the selected tweet (using “@name”)
  • ⌘D – Send a direct message
  • ⌘⌫ – Delete the selected tweet
  • ⌘1 – Make the selected tweet a favorite
  • ⌘C – Copy permalink for selected tweet to clipboard
  • ⌘L – Login to a different Twitter account
  • ⌘0 – Zoom window
  • Tab – Toggle between the tweet list and message input
  • ⌘← – Open the user’s Twitter page
  • ⌘→ – Open the user’s web page
  • ← – Open the user’s Twitter page (with others)
  • → – Open the links in the currently selected tweet
  • ↓/↑ – Scroll through tweets list
  • ⌥↑ – Go to the newest tweet
  • ⌥↓ – Go to the oldest tweet
  • Spacebar – Select next unread tweet

There is also an iPhone and iTouch application. I haven’t used that application since I don’t have one of those devices but it probably works in a similar way.

It is a great application I haven’t found one on the Mac which can rival it.

If you want to find out a bit more about Twitter and want to read a good book I recommend these two on Amazon, Twitter For Dummies and Twitter Means Business. Both are good books and I recommend you check them out.

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