Welcome New Sponsor – Laptopical 1


Welcome New Sponsor – Laptopical


Every time a new sponsor decides to place an advert on this site I do a quick post here thanking them. This time it is the turn of Laptopical – Laptop Reviews. Laptopical do a lot of laptop reviews and comparisons of pretty much anything to do with laptops. They also have an Apple section for any one who is interested in the Apple Laptops. Granted, I don’t have a large interested in laptop reviews and there associated peripherals, but if you are looking into buying a new laptop, Laptopical may be a good site to check out. You can either click on the previous link or use the sidebar advert to access them directly.

If you are interested in buying an advertisement on this site. There is only one space left. All you have to do is head over to my BuySellAds page. They will automate pretty much everything to do with placing an advert on this site.

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