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Write Equations In Microsoft Word 9


Write Equations In Microsoft Word

I use Microsoft Word (2004, although later version should still work) and I end up writing a lot of equations. Without this tutorial, most people would try and form an equation using spaces, the sub-script functions as well as inserting symbols. The problem with this is that it is slow, cumbersome, as well inaccurate. You will generally face a lot of problems. There is a solution to this problem. Use the Equation Editor, it is simple to use and the results are amazing quite frankly.

Code Collector Pro – Code Snippets 0


Code Collector Pro – Code Snippets

If you code, in any language, you will develop a small collection of code clips which you will over time refer to and build in your collection. I for example have a small word document full of code which I refer to semi-regularly. The problem with this is that it is not a perfect system. Code Collector Pro is designed to collect your code snippets in a similar method to iTunes for music and iPhoto for photos.

Cool Coda Clips Collections 3


Cool Coda Clips Collections

In one of my previous posts on Coda I mentioned about Coda clips. This post is going to expand on them slightly, as well as reiterate the points. I think both of the sites are worth another mention. This is because when used within Coda you can save a lot of time and effort, especially with the WordPress clips. You don’t need to go searching for the commands. They are already saved on your computer.

Send Mail Over Your Network 2


Send Mail Over Your Network

Terminal is great it has many features and programs which enable you to get a lot of work done. Another of these tips is sending Mail over a network to another Mac. For this you need a network, two Mac’s and Terminal access. If you don’t have that you can test it out with yourself. This tip has originally come from Sam, if you have a tip of your own which you want to send in, please contact me.

Fantasktik – A Fun Menu Bar 3


Fantasktik – A Fun Menu Bar

This is just going to be a quick review of a small application called Fantasktik. Fanktasktik is a small menu bar/application switcher that you can use to quickly navigate your applications. Its unobtrusive and easy to use. It also has some interesting features which enable you to switch applications quickly.

I’m Going To University – Changes Ahoy 5


I’m Going To University – Changes Ahoy

Over the last couple of weeks and days I have been mentioning that I am going to University. Being a big part of my life for the next couple of months, before I settle down, it means this website is going to have to take a back seat. As a result starting Monday, i’m afraid, the post output will be down. I will be less likely to do Top 100 lists, since I should be working. All is not lost mind you.

32 Coda Tips and Tricks 24


32 Coda Tips and Tricks

I have had a new love of Coda, I previously review it a couple of days ago, if you want to read it your can find it here. Anyway I have been collecting tips for over the last week or so about Coda. These tips and tricks are designed to help you work with Coda and get stuff done, as well as this some of the tips are designed to point out the obvious task to you, that aren’t quite as obvious. They are in no real order. If you have any more Coda tips and tricks please leave a comment.

Welcome New Sponsor – WaveMaker 0


Welcome New Sponsor – WaveMaker

I would like to draw your attention to a new sponsor of Mac Tricks And Tips. WaveMaker. I have previously written about WaveMaker, a long time ago, you can find the post here. Wavemaker is a program for making Ajax programs for the web. I don’t have much experience with Ajax or programs but this program, from the looks of it is very good. Their boilerplate states:

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