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Amazing Clock Screen Savers For Your Mac


A good screen saver is a must have. It shows passers by how cool your computer is when you are away. My favourite type of screen savers are clock screen savers. Simply because they are elegant, simple and they don’t suck up your computers CPU like it is going out of fashion. Anyway, this post is going to be a collection of 6 well designed clock screen savers which you can grace your computer with. These screen savers are listed in no particular order.


Based on an old style flip clock, the digits will slowly flip over as time slowly passes. Unfortunately there is no options to change any of the colours of the digits. This software is free. You can download it here, click on the left most floppy disk to get the download link.

Fractal Clock

When I first came across this screen saver, I thought it was awesome. The fractal patterns moving across the screen excited the little child within me. I then realized that the white arms in the centre of the screen told the time. It does wonders reading. Anyway, this software is free. The link goes to Apple’s download site since it is simpler to download than the developers. Download it here.


Out of all of the screen savers in this post, PolarClock is my favourite. Concentric colour circles move around the screen. The different lengths each have a different time values. This software is free. You can download it here. As well as this you can also have an accompanying widget to brighten up your dashboard.

World Clock

Probably the best use of words for a screen saver. As seconds pass different words are highlighted representing the time. Its not very good for CRT monitors, due to some words being constantly displayed on your screen. I have previously written about this screen saver before you can find my post here. This screen saver is free and you can download it here.


A very simple screen saver. This one displays the time in the bottom left in a funky sans-serif font. In the background a simple line moves around the screen displaying the current second. Its really simple as well as free. Download it here.


I save the best to last. This massive screen saver, 100mb+. It shows Helevtica font slowly dropping into water. Fantastic graphics. I personally haven’t been able to try this one yet. The bandwidth cap imposed by my ISP has stopped me from downloading large files. From the videos this screen saver does look awesome. It does cost $15 and can be download here.

Fireplaces and Fire

If you want something slightly different Fireplaces, Fishtank & Lava from Amazon is a dvd with Fireplaces, Fish tanks and Lava to adorn your screen. Looks like someting that would be suitable in a comedy. Fun none the less.

If you know of any other well designed and beautiful clock screen savers, or just cool screen savers in general, please leave a comment below.

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