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Awaken – Alarm Clock – MacPromo


I’m trying not to make a habit of posting to many MacUpdate Promotions, I think it degrades the quality of this site. Anyway today MacPromo an application I have had my eye on for a long time. It is called Awaken, it’s on offer at MacPromo. The application is a small alarm clock app that you can use to play your iTunes library at a certain time, a sound or a task. Later today I am going to show you how you can do this for free with a bit of scripting. Update: You can find the post here.

Awaken is a simple application that is designed to play your iTunes music at certain times. Like most alarm applications you can choose the time of when the alarm will go off. What music will be played and other small features such as music shuffle and notes. There are two types of alarms. A normal alarm that you can use for every day use, and an egg timer. The egg timer is a special one off alarm that you can use to go off a certain time. For example if you need to do something very important and you are away from the computer.

You can play anything that is in your iTunes library. Whether it be a podcast, playlist your library a sound or an Applscript. There is a lot of choice. It is laid out well and you can quickly and easily add your alarms and get back to what you are doing.

The actual alarm section of Awaken is very good. In the preferences, when you add an alarm, you can change if the alarm is full screen or in the Awaken box. The final alarm is a beautiful GUI which shows you the latest song that is playing a snooze button as well as forward and backwards for the next track. You can also use the Apple Remote to change some settings while the alarm is running. One tip that I do suggest you use when using this program, is have your speakers on. It will help a lot if you want to hear your music playing.

Overall Awaken is a good application. It is well designed, has a nice GUI and works. The only problem is, it’s a bit basic for what you pay for. For example the main feature of adding an alarm you can easily do with a bit of Applescript and iCal. You don’t, obviously, get the GUI then. But for $6.96 (was $12.95) it isn’t badly priced. For a small application this is quite a bargain. Like previous MacPromo promotion you have to 4am GMT, about 18 hours from now.

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