Cool Coda Clips Collections 3


Cool Coda Clips Collections


In one of my previous posts on Coda I mentioned about Coda clips. This post is going to expand on them slightly, as well as reiterate the points. I think both of the sites are worth another mention. This is because when used within Coda you can save a lot of time and effort, especially with the WordPress clips. You don’t need to go searching for the commands. They are already saved on your computer.

Clips, if you don’t know, are similar to a copy and paste function, except all of the items are already copied to a special area. These clips are then stored in a list for future use. When you want to use a clip again (for example the WordPress loop) you don’t have to go to the Internet or a location on your disk, its built into the application. You can have hundreds of clips stored in Coda, so you can save a lot of time.

The first site, Coda-Clips, has a lot of programming clips. It features, css, ee, html, js, misc, php, textpattern and WordPress. Although I would like to see the site updated with more clips, there are a lot of clips which you can use. But there is know way of downloading them all in one go. But there is lots of tips and it is still growing.

The second site which is fully related to WordPress is a lot better if you want more specialized clips. It features pretty much every WordPress tag which you can use. Its a lot better if you are using WordPress and the first site mentioned.

Overall clips are very cool in Coda. If you have any more Coda clips site, please leave a comment below.

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