Fantasktik – A Fun Menu Bar 3


Fantasktik – A Fun Menu Bar


This is just going to be a quick review of a small application called Fantasktik. Fanktasktik is a small menu bar/application switcher that you can use to quickly navigate your applications. Its unobtrusive and easy to use. It also has some interesting features which enable you to switch applications quickly.

This program is a preference pane application. Once as you install and run it you will be presented with a small bar across the top of the page. This program will list all of your open programs and windows. Making it easy for you to navigate to the one you want.

From now on any item which you click on will open the respective application. By hovering over each name of the program you can see a live shot of the program. As well as this you can show and hide applications names in the bar by double clicking on the icon.

Its a pretty nifty little application, although I don’t think you will need to use it. For example it does get in the way a little bit. Although you can install a sidekick application to let applications realise that it exists you end up with windows underneath it. As a result it becomes difficult to use. Overall it is OK, but not great.

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