Frenzic – An Addictive Mac Game 2


Frenzic – An Addictive Mac Game


Yesterday I mentioned about Ten Time Wasting Apps. One of the applications on the list was Frenzic. I was so impressed by how fun and addicting this game was I felt it deserved a full review. This idea behind Frenzic is pretty simple. You have to fill up the out circles (or pie’s) with the piece you are given. When you fill up a circle you get some points. The more points the higher you will be placed on the leader board.

Although the game is simple from the outset their is lots of small twists and features that make it so addicting. For example certain pie pieces can only go in certain points. As a result you have to think about where you are going to place the piece (as shown in the image below). One of the big aims of the game is to fill up a pie with piece all of the same colour, on completion you get some points as well as and extra life. Sounds easy. But as time progresses, the count down time for moving a piece gets quicker and quicker. Those lives that you saved up in the first couple of minutes of play are soon gone when you get on to the harder levels, simply because you can’t move around and click quick enough.

As well as simply clearing the circles and not managing to use up all of your lives there are “bonuses”. There are three bonuses. Nuke, Slow Down, and Double Points. To get these bonuses you have to fill up a pie, with same colour in the correct area. The correct areas being 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock, respectively. As you can see in the image above I have started to sort the colours into three areas, trying to get the bonuses. Any piece that doesn’t fit, because it is not the right angle, I have put into the other three areas. The complexity of trying not to lose a life but correctly position the pieces is hard, but after about 10 minutes of game play you get the hand of it pretty quickly. My highest score is 926, it wont take long for you to beat it.

You can use both the mouse and the keyboard to control the “cursor” (the blue highlight on the image). I find that the keyboard is a lot quicker than the mouse although you might feel different. All of the features of the game can be accessed from the keyboard, making game play on later levels easier. One cool function is the “boss mode”. I thought it was access to harder levels although it actually stands for “Oh Crap! Some one important is coming. I better work.” You get a handy image on screen as shown on the right when you enter boss mode.


This game is fun to play. Although there is some features I would like to have seen implemented/improved. For example the bonuses are easy to collect during the first couple of minutes. But the problem is you can’t store the items for later retrieval. As a result you end up completing the same bonus pie more than once correctly, but you don’t get any more bonuses. Another improvement could be in relation to the pie pieces. Many times I have received a pie piece but have no where to put it. This could be my bad playing or a feature of the game. That aspect slightly annoys me when playing. Other than that I don’t see much wrong with the game.

Overall the game is well put together, there are no bugs or problems. It has a really nice interface, plus some extra features which I haven’t been able to access due to them being locked for people who have paid. This mostly includes online leader board and scoring. There is a demo. It allows you 60 minutes of free play. I would have liked more, but for this type of game, offering any more time and the developers wouldn’t sell any copies. The game costs $14.95 for unlimited game play and 6 months online features, or $24.95 for unlimited online features. For more information check out the website.

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