I’m Going To University – Changes Ahoy 5


I’m Going To University – Changes Ahoy


Over the last couple of weeks and days I have been mentioning that I am going to University. Since that it is going to be a big part of my life for the next couple of months, before I settle down, this website is going to have to take a back seat. As a result starting Monday, i’m afraid, the post output will be down. I will have no time to do Top 100 lists, since I *should be working*. All is not lost mind you.

I have for the next week done a couple of posts. These are not very long but they do point out a couple of good applications, and tricks which I am sure you will like. This should tie you over for the next week. After that the number of posts will be reduced per week. I won’t be able to do one a day, so there may be a couple of gaps as I miss out days. But if you stay subscribed to the RSS feed, you will be able to keep up with the latest posts.

If you are interested in where I am going, i’m heading over to the University of Sheffield, to study Material Science and Enginneering. Its going to be a full course and I am told it is going to take up a lot of my time. On the other hand people say first year is easy so I don’t know what it will be like. If you know your Apple Store geography there is a store in Sheffield, depending on how things go I may try and get a job there. You can come visit me one day if I do. I will mention if I do get an Apple Store job. As a side note, there seems to be a lot of Apple Stores in the UK now, they seem to be popping up. I remember a year or two ago where there was only one in the UK, London.

To conculde here are the main bullet points of this post:

  • I’m off to Uni,
  • It will be busy,
  • There will not be posts every day, the number of posts will be down,
  • There is a Apple store I want to get a job at,
  • I have done next weeks posts to tide you over,
  • Things will change, it will be fun.

If you are interested at all in my personal life, you can always follow my Twitter feed. I will be posting on it every so often so you can keep informed about this sites and its goings on. I reckon after a month from tommorow things will be back to normal. You can find my Twitter profile here, and the RSS feed here.

Post image courtsey of Money4Students (ironic, I don’t seem to have much money).

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