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Kinemac – 3D Presentational Tool – MacUpdate


Kinemac has appeared on MacUpdate a couple of times. I haven’t reviewed it before simply because it is a large, expensive, program and needs a good couple of hours to work out how to use it and see if it is right for you. Thankfully it is currently the weekend. As a result I have been able to try out this program and hopefully you will be able to as well.

Kinemac is designed, I think, as a tool to increase the quality of your work presentations. Although it is a 3D animation tool, it is no Maya. It has a more simplistic approach. It is more focused on flying text and objects, rather than actual animation of models. Don’t let that put you off though. It does have a lot of features which can help you make a good program.

The idea behind this program is similar to any normal 3D animation application. You add in your models, you animate them using key frames and then add your cameras. There is not a lot of modeling tools available with the program. You can’t, for example, make a human face using the program. But you can import logos, text from other applications such as Illustrator. You can also import, music, images, and movie files. I have not used this feature although it could be used to spruce up your backgrounds.

Actually editing and using the program is rather simple. You insert your shapes and then you use the inspector on the left to edit the objects dimensions and other features such as rotation and position. Adding key frames is easy, but it does need the knack of getting used to it. For example in the inspect you press a small button and the key frame is inserted. This key frame is then used to render you animation.

On the face of it it is simple, but there are some features such as the Bezier window to finely adjust your animation. For example the image on the right you can adjust a whole manner of things including rotation, size placement all using the same window. It doesn’t take long to get good results.

On the face of it this program is expensive for what you get. Normally it costs $299 but MacUpdate have knocked this down to $149.99. I feel that this is a little expensive. For the price tag you don’t get a lot. For example the application is only 8Mb in size. But for a company who does a lot of presentations this sort of application could be useful in making a difference in meetings. The learning curve is shallow, but you will have to work for a while using the program to get good results. Having said that it only took me five minutes and I made something that I thought was quite good. If you have half a day and a purpose for using the program you may end up with something quite interesting. Before you decide to purchase this product download the demo and check out the Kinemac website, there is lots to learn from the site.

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