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Send Mail Over Your Network


Terminal is great it has many features and programs which enable you to get a lot of work done. Another of these tips is sending Mail over a network to another Mac. For this you need a network, two Mac’s and Terminal access. If you don’t have that you can test it out with yourself. This tip has originally come from Sam, if you have a tip of your own which you want to send in, please contact me.

Sending eMail

Step one, sending you email. You will need two things to send an email. The account name (like James) and the host name of the computer. To simply start your email type:

mail James@Macbook

This will set it up so it will send an email to the user James on the computer Macbook. You can change both of those names to anything which is valid on your network.

Then you need to type a subject, hit return and type your message. This can be as long as you want it. When you are done press Control + D. It will then send it along the network.

Receiving eMail

If you want to recieve email from your network it is just as simple. When you recieve a new mail message the Terminal window will say “You Have New Mail”.  Third line in the screenshot. To view you mail press either enter, or type “print”. You can then view your message. To delete you message you can press d and then enter. To quite mail type “q” and then press enter.

Its pretty simple to do, and fun to play with if you have a spare ten minutes. You can of course do a lot more with email and Terminal, this is just a taster. For more information just type into Terminal:

man mail

You can then read up on the manual for mail. Although this is useful, I would rather use Its fun to play with but only useful if you are playing around with scripts.

If you want to take your skills with Terminal a bit further I recommend you check out the Terminal Category on this site. If you fancy reading a book there is a couple on Amazon that I regularly see mentioned and recommend, O’reilly Unix Geeks and Unix Under the Hood both are designed for Mac OS X and take Terminal further.

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