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Spore Mac And PC Cheat Codes


I’m loving Spore at the moment. I haven’t had as much fun on a game for a long while. Its time that out Mac’s get a good game to play on. I was getting worried that PC’s were having all of the fun. Anyway, sort of following on from a previous post done earlier today – Spore Game Review, I have found some cheat codes for your game of Spore.

These cheats are admittedly not the best, there are a couple of good ones in there. Most are console style commands that make your game do something out of the ordinary. To access the cheat press Control + Shift + C to get the console screen. It is your standard console and these are standard commands. Simply type your command and press enter and the cheat will be applied. You can see the console in the screen shot below.

addDNA – increase your DNA points by 150.
AntiAliasGIF – Antialiad GIF captures and set a background color.
capturePlanetGIF – captures a spinning GIF of the planet you’re on.
clear – clears the debug console.
freeCan – toggles free camera mode.
freedom – [on | off] enables and disabled editor complexity limits. Creations that break the limits will not be pollinated.
Help – list all help cheats.
History – list the last n commands in the command history.
Killallhints – remove all hints from the game.
Levels – level cheats.
moreMoney – increases your money in civilization or space.
Movie – movie cheat.
Option – lists option or set of options.
PauseUIVisible – set or toggles whether the pause frame is drawn.
prop – displays or modifies properties.
Quit – quit game.
refillMotives – Replenishes depleted health and other motives.
SetConsequencesTrait – Sets the trait which will determine what super powers are available.
settime – Sets the time of day at the avatars position.
spaceCreate – unlocks and recharges creation tools while playing in space.
styleFilter – Applies a stylized look to Spore. Try -FilmNoir -OilPaint
toggleCaptureUI – toggles UI Image capture.
unlockSuperWeapons – Unlock all super weapons for your Civilization type.

I would imagine over the next coming weeks and months more of these codes will be found and released. I might update this post if I find anything really cool to add. I hope you are all enjoying Spore. I think it is great. The only problem I find is the DRM, me and my brother only have one account and it is a bit annoying.

I can’t take all the credit for this post. The original was found here.

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