Ten Fun Mac Apps To Waste Time With 2


Ten Fun Mac Apps To Waste Time With


Its Friday. The end of the week is here, the week end is just a couple of hours away. What can you do to entertain yourself while those last couple of hours tick away before you can be released from work. The answer is time wasting apps. This apps serve no real purpose except for entertainment. This list of ten items, is designed to be fun and let the time slip away. Be careful, before long you could be come addicted and end up doing more than just wasting time. Most of the apps on this list are games, but games are always fun. This list is in no particular order.


No time wasting applications list can be without Quinn. It is you standard Tetris clone. Everyone knows how fun and addictive Quinn is, mix that in with high scores, multi-player different game play and rules. You have a wasted weekend ahead of you. If you want to see a previous review of Quinn you can check it out here.


If there is anything a kid wants to be, and has watched Star Wars, it is a Jedi. Now you can waste your time by throwing around your laptop while it makes Star Wars lightsaber sounds. You can waste your time even more by having friends join in with your Lighstaber battles with their own laptops. This program has a high chance of physical damage to property. You can get it at the MacSaber site.

Photo Booth

The original Apple time wasting app. Nothing beats making yourself look like an idiot while wasting time. You can spend all day making your face look like your from the planet zog. Its fun to play with with.


Photo Booths long lost cousin. FunBooth allows you to add mustaches, glasses, hats and other fun disguises to your iSight cameras picture in real time. A fun little app to brighten up your day. Funbooth also allows you to share these images with your friends and family, so you can waste their time to.

Go (Goban)

The traditional game of Go has been played for hundreds of years. The game of capturing your opponents pieces, the strategy and the time it takes to complete a game is perfect little time waster. It doesn’t take long to start up a new game an complete it within 5 minutes. This game does need a little bit of CPU, so it isn’t that good for laptops. The best game of Go I have found is Goban.


A little game I have just found recently. Frenzic is a game where you have to fill the small piece with the coloured pie pieces before the time runs out. When you complete a pie you gain points. As time progresses the timer to move the piece gets quicker and quicker. It is really addictive. I am going to do a more in-depth review of Frenzic tomorrow.

Voice Candy

Voice Candy is Photo Booth for you microphone. When you speak into the microphone it will change your voice in fun and interesting ways. A good application for seeing how funny you can make your voice. Voices include, Darth Vader, Chipmunks, Robots and a whole load of others.


Sudoku is a fun little game. Nothing can be better than letting the hours go by while filling in little squares with numbers. One of the best Sudoku games for the mac is UniSudoku. It has lots of great features to keep you entertained until something more interesting comes along.


Phun is the fun physics game that is designed to teach you about physics. Includes the ability to make levers, motors, gears. As well as water physics to bounce blocks and other shapes off each other. It is a bit childish, but it is really fun. You can spend ages with the application. I have written a review of this application previously here.

Delicious Library

One of the best apps ever to grace the Mac. Although it is designed for you to keep track of your books, cd, games and other items, it is so fun going around the house scanning items and adding them to the list. You will soon end up trying to find products so you can simply scan them into your computer. I have previously written a review of this application here. You can download the application here.

There are other applications which you could add to the list. For example World of Warcraft, Second Life. But I want small applications that don’t need a lot of time investment. You can pick them up, play with them for a while and then go back and do some actual work. If you know of any more applications that you would like to see on the list please leave a comment below.

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