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Disable Data Detectors In Mail 1


Disable Data Detectors In Mail

One of the little things that annoy me in Mail is the data detectors. These are the little pieces of code that make dates, addresses and other bit of informationclick-able so you can insert them into iCal and other applications. The problem with data detectors is that they get in the way. I find them cumbersome, although they do help you can turn them off.

Welcome New Sponsor – Mosso 0


Welcome New Sponsor – Mosso

I like new sponsors. Every new advertiser helps out this site and lets it grow and grow. Anyway, today we have had a new sponsor. Mosso. They offer cloud hosting and cloud storage. Which basically means you can have a site and storage that can grow and grow as your website or application expands in popularity. My hosting, Slicehost, is part of this company and I can tell you they are “A” OK. I may upgrade myself it there services when the time comes.

TranslateIt – Translator On Your Mac 0


TranslateIt – Translator On Your Mac

I was asked by the developer Leonid to review his application called TranslateIt. The translator program that you can use to get simple translations of words without having to search the web or find a dictionary. It is very similar to Google Translate, although it is designed to run on your desktop. I don’t have a planned post for today so it seemed a good place to fit it in.

Win A Copy of FixTunes + Review 96


Win A Copy of FixTunes + Review

Quite a while ago I mentioned about a new sponsor of MacTricksAndTips, FixTunes. They have kindly let one of you lucky guys win one of four codes for there application. This means you get the application for free. This competition was going to be planned for earlier in the week, although one thing leading to another and various bumps along the road have caused it to be delayed. Anyway, this post will tell you a bit about the application and your chance to win. It will run in a similar fashion to the ActionGear competition I held earlier this month.

Inquisitor – Now on Firefox 1


Inquisitor – Now on Firefox

Way back in March (feels years ago) I mentioned about Inquisitor. Well this web browser plugin which I think is really inventive has been released for Firefox (and IE but we wont talk about that). The idea behind this application is simple. Its designed to be a more informative search bar, it gives you lots of information in a funky way.

Welcome New Sponsor – Funtastic Photos 0


Welcome New Sponsor – Funtastic Photos

As is the custom on MacTricksAndTips, I like to say hello and welcome to any new sponsors to this site. This month it is the turn of Funtastic Photos. They offer a cool Mac application which you can use to edit your photos. It has lots of cool features such as non-destructive photo editing for example. I have had a little dabble and it is a fun app to use. But then again I like most applications. Try out and see if it is right for you.

How To Quickly Find A File To Open or Save 5


How To Quickly Find A File To Open or Save

If you are like me you have hundreds of Finder windows open. Each window is a different folder which I am working one. I can quickly move between each one. Life at this point is good. But when I have to open or close a file in any application I then have to navigate to this folder and open the folder. But it takes so long to navigate to a folder especially if it is 10 folders deep and not in the recent places list. There must be a quicker way.

Mac 101: Introducing Finder 8

Mac 101

Mac 101: Introducing Finder

I got an email this morning asking me to do a basic tip. I mean basic. This person who didn’t leave there name is new to the Mac and wanted to know more about Finder. I was more than happy to oblige. This post is designed to run through Finder. It will post some basic information, plus a couple of hints and tips. It is designed to get new people to the OS system up and running. Its not hard to get a hand of Finder. It just takes a bit on no how.

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