ActionGear Winners 0


ActionGear Winners


What seems like an age, I posted about an ActionGear Competition. This competition entitled you to win one copy of the ActionGear to-do program. Very cool. Anyway, using a highly sophisticated process of using a random number generator I have come up with the following winners. I have emailed the author of ActionGear and your serials should be coming over the Internet anytime soon.

The winners are:

  1. Comment 4 – Mike Rogers
  2. Comment 10 – Ray Chew
  3. Comment 21 – LawD

They were picked using sequence generator. It is going to be as random as it gets. Every time I pick numbers using a random number generator I always think of this dilbert cartoon.

Well done to the winners. I will have another competition up tomorrow about winning a couple of copies of FixTunes. Another advertiser wants to give away their product which is fine by me. Stay tuned and you could win.

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