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Burning Files To Disk


This post come as part of an extension to a previous article and a question sent in by a reader. Previously I have mentioned how you can burn a disk image. This is used for files such as dmg’s and iso’s, so on and so forth. But I didn’t mentioned how you can burn ordinary files. Going through the method of creating the disk image, inserting files is to long and boring. There is a simple way to do this. This post will explain the best method I have found.

I normally don’t burn files (I have only every burnt about 3 disks), so my actual burner is dead space. I did have to have a quick test on how to do this myself. But it is stupidly simple. There is actually three ways of doing this, but they are all variations on a theme.

First, in Finder, go to File > New Burn Folder. This is a special folder for burning files. It is set up specifically so there is a small “burn” button in the Finder window. You then need to drag and drop all of your files that you want to burn into that folder.

You need to note, that the size at the bottom must conform to the size of the disk you are using. If you use a disk that is to small, the burn will fail or it will ask you for a second disk.

When you are all ready to proceed you can insert your CD or DVD and hit burn. You can then set up the burn options on the resulting dialog boxes. It is really that simple. You can use burn folders to slowly set up what you want to burn. I find it is a lot easier to work with than disk images. You can then use this burn folder multiple times to burn as many disks as you want.

You can also change a normal folder into a burn folder through the use of Terminal trickery. If, for example, you have a folder set up, and you want to convert it into a burn folder you can rename it by appending .fpbf. The problem is Finder wont normally let you. Instead open up Terminal and type the following, it assumes you are in the correct folder to start with.

mv normalfolder burnfolder.fpbf

That Terminal command is really quite pointless. This is because you can burn any folder without the need for a burn folder (if that makes sense). All you have to do is find the folder you want to burn, go to File > Burn “X” To Disc… Just as simple. You then insert your disk and hit burn when you are ready.

So there you have it. There quickest ways to burn files and folders to disk on your Mac is to make a burn folder, for specializedsimple and uses a burn folder within Finder. N multiple projects, and the File > Burn method for one off applications.

If you are into your software you may be interested in using a program called Disco. Although I haven’t reviewed or used Disco before, I have heard some good press about it. If you are really into your DVD burning that type of software may be suitable for you.

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