How To Quickly Find A File To Open or Save 5


How To Quickly Find A File To Open or Save


If you are like me you have hundreds of Finder windows open. Each window is a different folder which I am working one. I can quickly move between each one. Life at this point is good. But when I have to open or close a file in any application I then have to navigate to this folder and open the folder. But it takes so long to navigate to a folder especially if it is 10 folders deep and not in the recent places list. There must be a quicker way.

I originally found this trick out of pure curiosity. I wondered if it would work. At this point you have your Finder window open and you have you open or save box open in your app. To quickly open or save a file drag the file you want from your Finder window into the open or save box. It will then automatically move you in the open and save box to that folder, as well as this it will select your file for you.

A very simple trick that you may not know of. It will save you that extra second so you can do something else. Like most things on a Mac, there is a lot of dragging and dropping involved. If you think you can quickly get from one thing to another by a simple drag and drop, try it out and see if it will work.

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