Inquisitor – Now on Firefox 1


Inquisitor – Now on Firefox


Way back in March (feels years ago) I mentioned about Inquisitor. Well this web browser plugin which I think is really inventive has been released for Firefox (and IE but we wont talk about that). The idea behind this application is simple. Its designed to be a more informative search bar, it gives you lots of information in a funky way.

When you install Inquisitor, and you type a search term you will be presented with a drop down box full of information. You can customize how much you see. The drop down includes related search terms, autocomplete search terms. As well as this (not shown in the screenshot) is a mini history. So you can see which search term and website you have visited before. It gives you the ability to quickly find the search results you want.

Search results do come from Yahoo, although you can change the search engine to Google. You can also add additional shortcuts to the drop down.

I really like this plugin for some reason. It seems really well made. I don’t know why but its feature set seems really useful. It may even replace my earn 2p per search (affiliate link) box I currently have. Like always, download the plugin, it takes a while to load for me for some reason. So don’t go smashing the button, because you will end up with five download messages.

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