Joining PDF Files Together In Preview 8


Joining PDF Files Together In Preview


PDF’s are great. If you need a document which can open on any platform and display correctly, PDF is what you need. One problem I have found is I tend to accumulate PDF files. This is a problem simply because the folder ends up with hundreds of documents. There is a quick and simple way to join all of these files together. It uses Preview, one of my favourite applications. It doesn’t take long, only a little bit of work.

First things first open your seed document. This is the document you will be using to start off your new PDF file. You could use a blank document but it is a lot easier to do it with a document already open. Once as you have have the document open, go to the bottom of the sidebar and click on the thumbnails button. Scale out the pages so you can see as many as possible.

This is now the fun part. Have Finder open and drag and drop all of the pages or files into the sidebar at the end of the thumbnail list. You can add as many as you want. You can use the drag and drop feature to re-order pages as you see fit.

If you decide you don’t want a page you can use the Command + Delete feature to delete a page, you can also go to Edit > Delete Selected Page.

The final step is to save out your new document. The best method is to go to File > Save As. This will make sure you keep your original document intact. Simple as one two three. You don’t need to buy expensive software to work with PDF’s. Preview has quite a lot of those functions built in.

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