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If you are a follower of my Twitter feed, I have mentioned iLoveMacApps a couple of times. This new website is all about Mac applications. Since Mac apps are a big part of the Mac community, there is hundreds of great applications out there I decided that it would be a good idea to dedicate a site towards them.

The site will, hopefully, feature a new review every single day. The applications reviewed will vary between small apps such as time wasting games, to large applications such as the new Adobe suite. The length of reviews will vary, but I will aim to give a balanced review. I wanted the site to eventually be the number one source for Mac application reviews.

To get all of the latest news and reviews please subscribe to the RSS feed for iLoveMacApps, that way you will not miss out. I plan to have a couple of big posts to get the site off the ground. They should be pretty cool when I have finished with them. If you are interested in more information please check out the welcome post which details several features of the site.

This site will still do Mac reviews although they will not be so numerous. I have got a good list of tricks developing so I will post them up over the coming days and weeks.

If you want to keep up with the latests post from Mac Tricks And Tips I recommend you subscribe to the RSS Feed.

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