Sorry For The Down Time 7


Sorry For The Down Time


Last night should have been something really enjoyable for this site. I was featured on Digg. I should have been enjoying the large amount of traffic and clicks on my advertisers adverts. But sadly all was not to be enjoyed. I suffered the dreaded downtime. Until last night I had 3 months of perfect uptime. This post is to say sorry if you tried to access the site and you found it was down.

Basically what happened was the server wasn’t able give out the requests quick enough. As a result it died and the uptime was really poor. I hadn’t set Apache correctly to use all of the available RAM. To add insult to injury later on in the morning when things were back to normal, I incorrectly changed the settings again so it overloaded on memory. Some website on the internet don’t give great advice. Apache was to blame not my host, Slicehost.

So I am sorry if you couldn’t access this site, which was a real shame. I am also sorry for my advertisers since I am sure they would have received lots of clicks on there adverts.

If anyone has any good information for configuring Apache for a WordPress site with 512mb of RAM please email me or leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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