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TranslateIt – Translator On Your Mac


I was asked by the developer Leonid to review his application called TranslateIt. The translator program that you can use to get simple translations of words without having to search the web or find a dictionary. It is very similar to Google Translate, although it is designed to run on your desktop. I don’t have a planned post for today so it seemed a good place to fit it in.

The idea behind TranslateIt, as you might think, is to translate words and simple sentences for you. It is designed to make translating words as simple as possible. It has a couple of cool features that I like and is pretty simple to use. It takes a bit of getting used to. But once as you have found your way around the interface it is easy to use.

There are two main interfaces for this program. The popup menu, and the main window. The main window is used for the dictionary translation. For example you enter a word and it will throw out the translated word. In some circumstances it will also give you a definition. The second window it a pop window that you will see on screen. When you hover over the word it will give you a translation. A really good, and simple way to get a result without having to type anything.

This application is probably really useful for people who are new to a language and need that little bit of help. There are a lot of dictionaries which you can install although you do need to find the ones you want on the download page first. From the looks of things there is a lot of the major translations already there.

There are a couple of problems with this application. Doesn’t feel very Mac like. It feels clunky as you use it and isn’t very responsive. As well as this the popup menu does get a bit annoying, although you can change this through the settings.

This application does cost quite a bit. For example a one year license costs $25 after that you will have to buy a license again. Although you can buy different license agreements, with the unlimited version costing $100. It is a bit expensive. Although there are a lot of libraries for this program, and if you use it regularly it may be a good investment.

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