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View PDF’s In Firefox 3


I like using PDF’s. I don’t know why. Its just a format that always seems to work with the minimum amount of fuss. I like them so much that I get really annoyed if someone sends me a Word documents or similar instead of a PDF. Since PDF’s have become big business a lot of websites host them for you to view. Most normal browsers will display them as a normal web page. Firefox 3 doesn’t. This can get very annoying. There is a plugin which I will discuss today to get around this glaring hole.

If you go to Firefox-Mac-PDF (a brilliant original name) on Google Code you can install the extension. You do need to restart Firefox 3. But that isn’t a problem. When you are done and the plugin loads you can view PDF’s as you would on Safari or another webbrowser. This small hole is fixed. Brilliant.

You could see this plugin in two ways. One is a massive glaring hole in Firefox 3 that really should be fixed natively. The other being the ingenuity of the plugin base of Firefox 3. What ever you think it is a good plugin that I would recommend installing. I now don’t end up with millions of PDF files in my Downloads folder and wondering why a link didn’t open. If you right click on any PDF you do get a couple of view options to extend the functionality.

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