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Win A Copy of FixTunes + Review


Quite a while ago I mentioned about a new sponsor of MacTricksAndTips, FixTunes. They have kindly let one of you lucky guys win one of four codes for there application. This means you get the application for free. This competition was going to be planned for earlier in the week, although one thing leading to another and various bumps along the road have caused it to be delayed. Anyway, this post will tell you a bit about the application and your chance to win. It will run in a similar fashion to the ActionGear competition I held earlier this month.


Fixtunes, as the name suggests is a program designed to fix your iTunes library. For example if you have a small spelling error when you named your songs, this program is designed to find these problems and solve them for you. Although iTunes uses the Gracenote database when importing CD’s if you got them from other sources or didn’t use the database, this type of tool will come in very handy.

Fixtunes has three main settings, Fix One by One (recommended), Fix All, and Find Duplicates. I personally recommend using the fix one by one option. Simply because you can personally review the song, using the automatic method is good, although I can’t quite take the leap of faith with my iTunes library.

Actually fixing a song is easy, it goes through your library one by one. It will then go to various databases and find the various pieces of information and guesses the correct result. It needs a good start otherwise it doesn’t work very well. If you have a track named “Track 1” it isn’t going to find the correct pieces of information. You can then accept the results or tweak them slightly and move on.

It will take your a while to fix all of your tunes if you go through your library one by one. But a good library is always worth it. This application if you were going to buy it costs $24.95. Which is a decent price for what you get. I would like it to be a little cheaper, but then you always do.


Hooked on winning a free copy. There are four copies available for you to win. Like previous competitions to win all you have to do is leave a comment. This will act as ballot vote and I will pick a winner randomly. Please leave a valid and correct email so we can contact you. The rules

  • One entry per person, all you have to do is leave any comment, please don’t spam the comment box.
  • You will only win one license
  • When leaving a comment please leave a valid email address so FixTunes can contact you.
  • The draw will last a week and will finish 3rd of Nov at 10pm (or if I am out a little later)
  • Please write a proper sentence in your entry, otherwise my spam filter will catch it and your entry will not be recorded.
  • The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator. You comment number is your entry number.
  • My decision is final. You can plead your case, but I say what goes.

Good luck.

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