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Changing Your MAC Address (Wireless) 5


Changing Your MAC Address (Wireless)

This is quite a cool little trick if you are ever using your Airport Wireless card and you need a new MAC address. This address is in the form of 01:d2:14:3f:ef:ff and is used to identify your wireless card. By spoofing and changing your address you can allow access to your network (for example if you get logged out), request a new IP address or do a whole load of other things. Its quite simple to do, it doesn’t yet work forEthernet so you can’t change your LAN address.

Win A Copy Of MacPilot or MacCleanse 136


Win A Copy Of MacPilot or MacCleanse

Its been a couple of weeks since we have last done a competition, so it sounds like I should do another one. This one is slightly different as I am offering up two different apps courtesy of Koingo. As a winner you get to chose the one you want. There are 2 copies of MacPilot and 2 copies of MacCleanse up for grabs. As usual the competition will last a week, all you have to do is leave a comment.

Open Terminal Output Directly In TextEdit 3


Open Terminal Output Directly In TextEdit

Every so often I show a couple of Terminal tips and tutorials which show you how to output Terminal text to a file. This quick post will show you how you can quickly output text to TextEdit.

Lorem Ipsum Coda Plugin 1


Lorem Ipsum Coda Plugin

I love Coda, I have written about it a couple of times before, my inital review, tips & tricks and some Coda clips. In the latest version they have added a new feature, plugins. Although limited at the moment to the number of plugins available, there is a cool one which I thought I should share with you.

Quickly Write Accented Characters 9


Quickly Write Accented Characters

In a multi-cultural, multi-langage world there is various different characters and letters which appear in every day language. One of the main characters which appear quite a lot is accented characters (รจ). Normally you would have to open up the characterpalette find the letter you want out of the millions that exist and then insert it into your document. You would then have to repeat this process over again with the different characters. That takes a long time. But you can use a handy little shortcut.

How Long Has Your Mac Been On? 32


How Long Has Your Mac Been On?

I was wondering the other day how long I could keep my Mac on before an update or crash of some sort would require a restart. Thankfully the update came first (Mac’s don’t crash). I managed to last 14 days before I had to restart. I was wondering how long have you kept your Mac on, and did you experience any problems.

Backing Up And Exporting Address Book Contacts 5


Backing Up And Exporting Address Book Contacts

This questions was asked a couple of days ago. The emailer wanted a way to backup there address book contacts for backup purposes. The problem with this exporting process on Address Book is that it takes a long time to export the cardsindividually . This is a big problem since we never have a lot of time. There is a semi-simple way to export Address Book Contacts, without it taking all day.

Funtastic Photos – Really Cool Photo Editing 1


Funtastic Photos – Really Cool Photo Editing

Sorry for the complete lack of posts over the last couple of days. I have had a big Uni project to deal with and it soaked up all of my time. Anyway, today I am going to do a review of Funtastic Photos. They have bought a couple of advert slots on MacTricksAndTips so it is only fitting that I review their application they are developing. In a nutshell Funtastic is similar to iPhoto but really goes to town with the photo editing features. It is one of these applications which you can use to make amazing looking photos.

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